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Frequently Asked Questions

Concealed Club is a company based in the United States. Through an easy four-step program, Concealed Club provides its Members with the educational requirements to submit your application directly to the Virginia State Police. Upon successful completion of the online training course, Concealed Club will provide Members with a Certificate of Competency that satisfies the requirements of the documentation of competence with a handgun as described at:

Nonresidents of the Commonwealth of Virginia, 21 years of age or older, may apply in writing to the Virginia State Police for a five-year permit to carry a concealed handgun. A complete list of persons that do not qualify for such a permit can be found directly at:

The Commonwealth of Virginia will review your application and make the final determination of whether to issue a Member a permit.

Yes. The Commonwealth of Virginia issues Concealed Carry Permits to eligible U.S. residents in all 50 states. A nonresident must complete the nonresident application and all of its requirements. Upon completion of the nonresident application, submit the application directly to the Virginia State Police. A copy of the application can be found at:

Refunds are at the discretion of Concealed Club. Generally, refunds will be provided to those Members in which their applications have been denied as a result of the training provided on Please note that any refunds will invalidate a completed certificate of competence.

States with which Virginia has entered into concealed handgun permit reciprocity agreements, or which Virginia will grant recognition, are listed on our Reciprocity and Recognition page. Please refer to our state recognition page to see where Virginia’s permit is recognized

Concealed Club prides itself on ensuring the process is quick and smooth. Please click here to view the process.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at:

Yes, we take pride in our NRA certified instructors and their ability to prepare you to pass the test the many certifications he holds.

The purpose of a Virginia Nonresident Concealed Handgun Permit is to carry a handgun in a concealed manner while in the Commonwealth of Virginia. You will need to contact the authorities within your state to determine if they will honor Virginia’s Nonresident Concealed Handgun Permit in your state of residence.

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